Clinical Supervision

Professional supervision has become an essential practice for helping professions worldwide. Clinical supervision is based on a trusting relationship that aims to provide a safe space in which supervisees can discuss their professional work-related concerns. The process aims to empower supervisees through guided reflection that is learner-centred and learner-led and holds the trusting relationship at the heart of clinical supervision. Where helpful, I incorporate creativity into my supervision sessions (individual or group) as I believe that creativity has the power to awaken, empower, heal and transform. My aim is to hold a gentle space for practitioners to reignite their creative fire, guiding them to a place of freedom, intuition, courage and trust in their practice. Statements of attendance can be provided for those who need them for professional association requirements.

Manda is an accredited supervisor with ACA and trained in the RISEUP Supervision model.  She also draws from her creative arts training and incorporates this when helpful.  Manda’s supervision style is:

Supportive and safe

Focused on the supervisee’s needs and priorities

Aimed at developing reflective practice

Informed by ethical practice standards that apply to the relevant modality

Non-directive - coaching in specific techniques is not usually the focus

Individual Supervision

Fortnightly or Monthly

Discounts available for self-sponsored practitioners

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Group Supervision


6 Session Minimum

6 Participant Maximum

Corporate options

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Individual Supervision

Supervision is a confidential and safe space where you can talk about your work and yourself as a practitioner. I can offer creative exercises to help you come mindfully to reflective practice, and create a space where you can process the personal impact of your work. We can discuss ethical issues and risks and together we can plan how to respond professionally, ethically and in a way that is consistent with your values. 

Together we can imagine new ways of working, explore creative options and develop your knowledge and skill to assist you to continue to grow and thrive in your work.

If you are interested in individual or group Supervision, please feel free to get in touch first for a chat to explore whether we are a good fit.

Friendly Conversation

Group Supervision

Group Supervision can be a wonderful way to learn from each other, inspiring us to see things from a different perspective and be innovative in the way we work.  It can be a very cost-effective way to gain insight, new skills and learn from other practitioners. 


Groups can be run as a periodic (monthly or bimonthly) event, or an intensive series.  I usually run closed groups which means that the participants commit to the group for a specific period of time, and new members are only admitted by negotiation and agreement by everyone in the group.


Each session runs for 2 hours, has a maximum of 6 participants and require a financial commitment of 4 sessions. I utilise creative exercises to help you come mindfully to reflective practice, engage with each other and experience first hand ideas and techniques to use with your clients.


If you are interested in group supervision, please get in touch.

Young Women Brainstorming

 Help you to make space for creativity, recognise and learn to trust your intuition.

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Art Therapy

Creative therapy.

Safe supported environment to express yourself & heal.

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Member Resources

Join the community and gain access to resources to guide you through a home-based practice.

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